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How to Convert a PDF To RTF:

1. Drag and Drop PDF Files 2. Click Convert Now 3. Wait for Download to Complete 4. Click Download Now for Instant Access to Files

Convert PDF To RTF Online

With our RTF conversion tool, you can convert your PDF file into an RTF file with a single click. Our highly accurate conversion tool is completely free to use - no signup or personal details required. PDF to RTF conversion couldn't be easier.

What Are RTF Files?

Rich Text Format, (RTF) is a less commonly-known type of file format that you can open on multiple operating systems. Let's say, for instance, you created the document on Microsoft Word and saved it as an RTF file. You could then send this document to another computer, using a different operating system, and still be able to view and edit it - even if it doesn't support Microsoft.

Benefits of PDF To RTF Conversion

The issue with a PDF document is that, while it tends to have a more interesting appearance with images and other added graphics, you can't edit it directly. That's why you might prefer to convert to an RTF file, which can be opened on any software and edited in an instance.

RTF to PDF Conversion

Converting to RTF format might be exactly what you need for your situation, especially if you're sending a file to an operating system that doesn't support Microsoft Word. But if you need to convert from PDF file format, it makes sense that you'll want to convert back from an RTF file eventually - and you can do this using our free online tool.

High-Quality RTF Files

Using our PDF to RTF converter, you can rest assured that you'll end up with a high-quality, highly-accurate RTF file every time. Our converter naturally transfers all text-based features of a PDF file to rich text format.

Secure Online PDF Converter

Your security has always been, and will always be, of the highest importance to us. Our file conversion tool is as safe and secure as we can make it, offering a dependable means of converting your PDF files every time. We encrypt files during conversion and delete them afterward, ensuring your privacy from start to finish.