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How to Convert RTF to PDF:

1. Upload Your RTF file 2. Click the Convert Now Button 3. Wait a Few Minutes 4. Click Download Now & Open Your File

Intuitive Conversion

When you convert an RTF to PDF using our free online converter, you can let us do the hard work for you. Our intuitive tool will read your file and automatically process it into a PDF file with high accuracy. Conversion couldn't be easier - just click ‘Convert now’ and we'll do the rest.

What Is RTF File Format?

Rich text format (RTF) is a text-based file type that you can view in Microsoft Office, Libre Office or Pages (on a Mac computer). You can save a Microsoft document as an RTF and send it to an operating system that doesn't support Microsoft.

What Are PDF Files?

A PDF, standing for Portable Document Format, is a type of file format that you can use when you need to save, share and print a file that you don't need to edit. You can open a PDF on any hardware or operating system that has a PDF reader (these days most computers have these). No matter where you open a PDF file, the layout of the document will look the same.

Why Should I Use A PDF Converter?

RTF files are a bit like PDF files without the bells and whistles. They're a text-only type of file, so you won't get the visual benefits of a PDF - but you can edit them. For this reason, you might want to edit a document in RTF file form before converting it to PDF to showcase it in its full glory.

Your Data Matters

Our free conversion tool offers a safe and secure way to convert your RTF online. All server traffic is secured, encrypting the data sent from you to us and preventing it from being seen by anyone other than you. We also use authentication devices that protect our RTF to PDF converter from unauthorized access.


No matter how many RTF documents you have, you can convert them all to a PDF online using our conversion tool. It's quick and easy to convert multiple files - and our tool always works to a high accuracy.